What Makes Build Your Empire Academy Different?

When I started to Build Your Empire Academy, I wanted to help photographers get a step ahead in their business. When I started in my company, I felt like I was super alone. I felt like I was NEVER going to get to where I needed to be, to be successful because I didn’t have an A-typical support system, and I didn’t have the means to get the classic college education to “succeed.” I hated that feeling. I hated that feeling of feeling alone, unsupported, and like an outcast in a world that claims they are all about community.

Over the last 12 months, I saw the need to expand my reach to photographers and small business owners. I wanted to create an inclusive community that could be a safe place for entrepreneurs to come and learn, grow, network, and expand their companies and have personal cheerleaders. Being an entrepreneur can hard enough on its own, but and the pressure of not having a solid outside support system can daunting. I wanted to take that stress away. 

You will learn your business basics in the Build Your Empire Academy. I will tell you from the beginning that I am not going to sugarcoat things, and I will not lie to you. I will not give you the false promise that you will be able to sit back, and your business will run itself. Businesses don’t run themselves. They take work, HARD WORK. I will push your limits and make sure that you are reaching your goals as your coach and business mentor, but I am also going to be a friend and your support system when you need someone in your corner. 

All mini-courses, 8-weeks full courses, memberships, e-books, and others are here to help you grow your business and yourself, but once you have purchased, you unlock something bigger. You have unlocked your access to the community. You unlock the door to everyone else that will be here to cheer you on, show your support, answer your questions, be here for you when you have a good day, bad days, and have exciting news! 

The Community to me was critical to me when I created the Build Your Empire Academy. I wanted to create a support network for EVERYONE. Everyone needs people in their corner to help support their dreams, business, and vision! You will not only get access to me at every turn from this point forward, but you now have the community behind you! 

This is what makes Build Your Empire Academy different and unique. This is what makes Build Your Empire Academy for you!