Life Changes

What if I told I was I felt like I was over my head?

I have had to make some of the most complex decisions I have ever made this month.

The month of May has felt like one MAJOR hit after another, and we still have a whole week left. I cannot typically admit that I feel defeated or overwhelmed, but, man, May is putting me through the wringer on this one.

I am a very type-A person

I like to know what is going on when it is going on, and I want to be in charge of the situation.

That’s why I am an entrepreneur…DUH.

One aspect of my life I have no control over in my life, and it has piled on. I have struggled with my autoimmune diagnoses for the last two years, and I thought I finally had a grasp on those and was thrown a 1, 2, punch. Then my endometriosis decided it wanted in on the fun. 😂

I am no longer just being “treated as” a #rheumatoidarthritis + #lupus patient. I am officially diagnosed as a one. The amount of information I have been hit with over the last 30 days has been insane. Being told I need not 1, not 2, but 3 potential surgeries right out of the gate are nerve-racking.

I am trying to do all of these things behind the scenes well, holding my head high and keep the businesses running like all things are normal. I think that has been the most challenging thing.

Keeping that secret going because I want to know everyone in, but it has been hard to clue you when I didn’t know what was going on.

Now that I have had time to sit, re-organize my thoughts, plans, and structure life (not literally, of course).

I want to clue you in because I want you to know what is going on.

I want you to see behind the curtain and understand what it takes to run the businesses.

From the very beginning, I always said no smoke + mirrors. I was going to be transparent and show you the real and raw. Well, this is the real + raw.

This month, I STRUGGLE hard. I struggled because I wanted to curl up in a ball and give up.

I wanted to say screw it and be done.

But, that is not how we do things around here.

We put our big girl pants on and carry on!

If we need a break… We take it, but we always come back bigger and stronger!