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June Groundwork

This Months workbook CLICK HERE    The abandoned Cart Funnel     The Client On-Boarding Funnel     The Evergreen Launch Funnel   The Evergreen Webinar Funnel   The Free Book Funnel     The High Ticket Funnel   The Lead...

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Are You Making These Business Mistakes?

I remember what it was like when I was first starting out in business. Everyone else made it look so easy. Seems like a lot of people on the social media and even some of my friends were getting clients and seem to be making money without any problems.  But not me......

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Life Changes

What if I told I was I felt like I was over my head? I have had to make some of the most complex decisions I have ever made this month. The month of May has felt like one MAJOR hit after another, and we still have a whole week left. I cannot typically admit that I...

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What Makes Build Your Empire Academy Different?

When I started to Build Your Empire Academy, I wanted to help photographers get a step ahead in their business. When I started in my company, I felt like I was super alone. I felt like I was NEVER going to get to where I needed to be, to be successful because I didn't...

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How to Manage Your Time Better

As entrepreneurs that work from our houses, it can so HARD to learn how to manage our time effectively to get all the things done for our business when regular everyday things are staring at us. We see things like laundry and dishes piling up. If you have kids or pets...

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How I got Started

Hey, I am Kayla.   If you are landing here, you wonder how I got started in business and how I ended up sitting here creating content for you.    I started in business in a non-traditional way. I didn’t go to a fancy college. I am entirely self-taught in...

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