Hello, I’m Kayla!

We are going to build your business foundation + a community for you to grow with!

I can help you with

How to Create Your Business Plan + Follow Through on it

Following through on a business plan can be scary but it doesn’t have to be. Let me show you the way to write it + follow through on it so you are successful in your ventures!

How to Secure Clients + Connect with Them

Are you speaking to your ideal clients? Do you know who your ideal clients are? Are you creating an experience for them to remember? No? That’s ok, in a few easy steps we can create that experience for them + get them singing your praises!

How to Organize + Structure Your Online Presence

Social media, websites, google searches, yelp calls, and so many more things can drive you nuts but you don’t need to stress! I am going to give you all the cheatsheets you need to show up online and find your clients in the right spots!

How to Manage Your Systems + Processes

Keeping it smooth and simple! That is best, but how? Let me show you the way! It can be so much easier when you have some to guide you on what you should + should not do from the start!

Introducing the Build Your Empire Academy

It is time to build your business foundations so they can get out of panic mode + grow your company beyond your wildest dreams!

Module 1

Empire State of Mind

  • Shifting Your Mindset
  • Identifying Your ICA
  • Identifying Your Niche

Module 2

Money Mindset

  • Goals Mapping
  • Revenue Mapping
  • Competitor Research Project

Module 3

The Ultimate Experience

  • Creating The Experience
  • Simplifying Your Process
  • Mapping Out Your Year

Module 4

Leveraging The Socials

  • Creating A Clear Message
  • Creating Paid Ads
  • Important Apps + Websites

Module 5

To the Websites and Beyond

  • Platforms
  • Do + Don’ts
  • Driving Traffic

Module 6

All Things Legal

  • Client Retention
  • Forms + Contracts
  • Who, What, When, Where. + Why?

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I’m Kayla.

I am Kayla. I started in business in a non-traditional way. I didn’t go to a fancy college. I am entirely self-taught in every aspect.  When I was 19 years old, I started my photography company (Clever Candid Photography LLC) to give myself a creative outlet and control back to a part of my life. Over time, I grew my photography company into a full team of Wedding Photographers that I love and can’t wait to work with every season. When I was 25 years old, I went overseas to live for six months in Cambodia with my husband for a business opportunity that fell apart within the first six weeks. I had to move fast and figure out what I need to make money to keep things rolling. I started making connecting and figuring out how I could serve the ex-pats living outside their home countries and trying to make a living. This was when my online presence company was born (Kurkowski Business Management LLC). I also have added a virtual assistant agency since opening the doors. It has been a crazy three years, and I would never have thought that a failed business opportunity would have extended these kinds of doors for me.  In late 2019 I wanted to expand my reach and start to help those that were in the same spot I was at one point. I opened the doors of Busy Building My Empire LLC. I began to help photographers build their photography companies and understanding of photography. Over the next year, I began to evolve Busy Building My Empire LLC into a coaching company that would help build the foundation of their business and teach things like making the backend of a business and how to have structure and stability to grow. In February of 2020, I started recording a podcast to document my path in business and life. Later in 2020, I expanded my reach in the coaching part of my business and started Building Your Empire Academy. I opened the Academy up to not only photographers but small business owners also. Since then, I have had over 1,500 students enrolled in the academy, and each month we are still growing.

Commonly Asked Questions

How long is each round of the academy?

Each round of the academy run for 8 weeks total! You will get your live calls and new content each for for 8 weeks total! 

How long do I have access to the content for?

Forever! That’s right! Forever! 

Will I get a certificate?

Of course you will! We all want to show off all the hard work we put in! 

Do I have to pay now?

There are 2 options for payments. You can pay upfront (for a few extra perks) or you can go for the payment plan option.

Wanna Join the Crew!

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